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    Hi Marissa

    I believe you are using the WordPress.com blogging platform and not a self-hosted setup.

    A possible solution (not elegant for lack of a better one) is to completely remove the titles from the pages. This will certainly break menu items, but this can be fixed easily. Open broken menus and set the correct menu title for any item that shows “no title”.

    I don’t understand why you said $50-$250! The premium plan is only $8 per month.

    If you are willing to spend around $10 a month, you can move to a self-hosted setup. You can then install themes and plugins. A good hosting company will give you a domain name for free, emails with your domain name and more.



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    Hey Steve! It seems something on your website is preventing the table from displaying correctly. It could be a theme issue, a plugin conflict, etc.

    I can review your website and troubleshoot this issue for you. I can also make a video explaining what was causing the issue and how I’m able to fix it.

    This falls outside of the free support I’m offering on these forums though. So if you want to hire me to look into this issue for you, make a new project on Codeable (this is a direct link where you can make a project and assign it to me, no payment till we have an agreement).

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    You’re most welcome!

    Since you want to show the table on the homepage only, we’ll rule out using a post or a widget.

    Besides, if you want to change the table look, you can use custom CSS code. There is a “Custom CSS” field on the “Plugin Options” page.



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    Thank you for using WorP’Dev. I’m Nabil, The WordPress Developer.

    It seems there is a faulty Jetpack folder in your plugins folder. Nothing to worry about though. Here is how to remove it:

    1. Go to your website files (using cPanel’s file manager if you have cPanel)
    2. Browse to the plugins folder (it’s generally public_html/wp-content-plugins)
    3. Delete the jetpack folder

    Once you do so you will be able to install Jetpack normally, i.e. using the plugin installer on your dashboard.

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    That makes things easier.

    Step #1 – Restore Files

    The first thing you need to do is to extract the tar.gz backup into the new website root folder. When you do that and access you website, you should see the error message “Error establishing a database connection”, don’t worry about that message, it will go away after Step 3.

    Step #2 – Restore Database

    Create a database if you don’t already have one, then import the SQL file into it. The easiest way to do the import is to use phpMyAdmin, it’s most probably already available if you have cPanel.

    Step #3 – Tell the WordPress Site about the Database

    Open the wp-config.php file and update the database connection information.

    This should do the trick. Let me know if you need more help.

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    Subscriptions were not working earlier today, so you may have missed my previous reply.

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    Subscriptions were not working earlier today, so you may have missed my previous reply.

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    Hi Steve. Thank you for posting your question on Word’Dev. I’m Nabil, the WordPress Developer.

    You can embed (inject) TablePress tables anywhere you want (pages, posts, WooCommerce product pages, text widgets, etc) using the [table id=TABLE_ID] shortcode. Replace TABLE_ID with the actual table post id. Or you can copy the shortcode altogether from the table editing page.

    I installed TablesPress and recorded a video showing how you can embed the table in a page, here’s the video:

    Embedding TablePress

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    Hey Amine, welcome to WorP’Dev. I’m Nabil, The WordPress Developer. I will be glad to assist you.

    Since you don’t have a database backup, you won’t be able to create an exact copy of the previous website. The database contains important data such as website, plugin and theme options, posts metadata, etc.

    Here is how I would do it:

    STEP 1 – Prepare a WordPress Installation

    1. Install WordPress normally on the new server.
    2. Extract the uploads folder (.../wp-content/uploads/) from the tar.gz file and copy its contents into the new website’s uploads folder.
    3. Do the same with the wp-content/themes and wp-content/plugins folders.
    4. Go to your dashboard and enable the theme you want to use and the plugins you still want to use. Feel free to delete the ones you no longer want.

    STEP 2 – Prepare the WXR File

    1. Open (a copy of) the WXR file and do a search and replace, you need to replace the old website URL with the new one. We need to do that so that the WordPress Importer can find the attachments and can import them.
    2. Once you do the search and replace, look for an occurrence of the attachment_url XML element which contains the new URL and test the URL in the browser, it should show the image.
    3. Test another few (2 or 3) URLs just to make sure they are correct then save the new copy of the WXR file.

    STEP 3 – Import with the WordPress Importer

    1. In your dashboard, go to “Tools > Import”.
    2. Under “WordPress,” if you haven’t already installed the importer, click “Install Now.”
    3. Click the “Run Importer”, provide the WXR file then click “Upload file and import.”

    Give this a try and let me know if you need further assistance.

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    Hi Daridon,

    Thanks for being the first one to post a question on worpdev.com.

    You can logout from WordPress on the Android app by tapping on the profile icon on the main menu then on “Log out of WordPress.com”. The image shows both steps.