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    My website is not officially launched yet — I’ve been trying to beautify it before I make it public. That being said, I’m starting to feel like what I’m trying to do isn’t possible without upgrading, which is frustrating.

    I’m trying to remove the absolutely unnecessary page titles from each page. You can easy hide it from the home page for some reason, but not the sister pages? I’ve watched a bunch of youtube videos that explain plug-in use (but, that’s if you have a professional page – I’m not ready for that yet) and others that are showing customizing with html (it wants me to upgrade to premium with that)…is there another way without spending an additional $50-$250? HELP!

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    Hi Marissa

    I believe you are using the blogging platform and not a self-hosted setup.

    A possible solution (not elegant for lack of a better one) is to completely remove the titles from the pages. This will certainly break menu items, but this can be fixed easily. Open broken menus and set the correct menu title for any item that shows “no title”.

    I don’t understand why you said $50-$250! The premium plan is only $8 per month.

    If you are willing to spend around $10 a month, you can move to a self-hosted setup. You can then install themes and plugins. A good hosting company will give you a domain name for free, emails with your domain name and more.



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    I was referring to the annual cost that it attempts to bill you at check out. I may switch my plan then, just trying to have as minimal costs to start up.Thanks for your assistance.

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    Hi Marissa,

    Were you able to hide the titles? Do you still need assistance with this?


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    Yes, thank you. I ended up upgrading to premium so work with the customization. Was trying to avoid spending any more money to start up but it’ll be worth it it be end. Appreciate the help.

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    Yes, I’m sure it will be worth it. I’m marking this topic as “Resolved”. Feel free to post again if you need help with anything.

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